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Around the World

India: We train, supply, and stipend the wives of local pastors and gospel workers to serve as medical missionaries in their villages. This is where it all started for us, and we have the biggest footprint here, employing around 200 women. In addition, we have recently started a literacy program, which is having a huge impact on the lives of more women and their families. We have teams in place primarily in Central India, but are looking to expand to other areas, as our model has been particularly successful in this country and culture.

Ethiopia: We began our work in Ethiopia in August of 2021 with our first ever remote training program. We used video calls, online presentations, and a local medical professional to train our first small group of women as Healthy Heart workers. These women are now at work, visiting house to house with their new knowledge. After the civil war slowed down and it was safer we took a medical team to visit our teams in August of 2022. While in country we partnered with It Is Written, providing medical lectures and community clinics as part of an It Is Written evangelistic campaign (culminating in the baptism of over 1,700 people).

The Philippines: We train and supply Adventist outreach groups to do medical missionary work. We also sponsor feeding programs for malnourished children. In addition to a core group of employees, we have many volunteers in this country. An exciting recent project is our collaboration with Naga View Adventist College. Our public health teaching program is now a regular part of the extra curriculum, so that every graduating student can be equipped to make a difference in the health of their new community!

Nepal: This is our newest country, having entered and established our program in early 2023. We currently have 19 women workers, who (along with their husbands) are providing in-home health teaching in 15 villages and for a total population of around 575,000 people. Nepal is somewhat closed off in many ways, and the health message is an especially effective method to make inroads in these types of societies. Please pray for our continued success and growth in this country!

We are a training organization for Seventh-day Adventist missionaries. Our purpose is to prepare Christians to bring about sustainable change in areas afflicted with poverty. By empowering women to teach public health and build lasting relationships in their communities, we hope to improve the emotional, physical, and spiritual health of those communities. We believe that this process helps achieve the ultimate goal of reflecting God’s love clearly to the world.

The Need

Developing regions of the world suffer from huge problems that have simple solutions. Millions of deaths could be avoided with minor diet adjustments, clean drinking water, hygiene, and a basic understanding of the chain of infection. The remedies are simple, but the delivery of information is complex. To successfully respond to the need, we must understand the culture, deliver easy-to-follow information in the local language, and overcome thousands of years of tradition. This is not a simple task, but we have discovered an incredibly successful way to bring change in the communities. We train and hire native women to teach public health.