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About Us

Ultimate Mission guides volunteer medical teams to developing countries around the world to educate underprivileged women. We train them to become village health workers. Once they have completed our training program, we give them a job and a sense of purpose.

The Need

Developing regions of the world suffer from huge problems that have simple solutions. Millions of deaths could be avoided with minor diet adjustments, clean drinking water, hygiene, and a basic understanding of the chain of infection. The remedies are simple, but the delivery of information is complex. To successfully respond to the need, we must understand the culture, deliver easy-to-follow information in the local language, and overcome thousands of years of tradition. This is not a simple task, but we have discovered an incredibly successful way to bring change in the communities. We train and hire native women to teach public health.

Our Current Services

Ultimate Mission 450K Health Visits
Ultimate Mission 1.4M Dollars Raised
Ultimate Mission 224 Sponsored Women


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