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Sponsor Missionaries and Groups

Empowering people for medical missionary work


We train and sponsor people in India and the Philipines to be medical missionaries. We give them basic skills in first aid, nutrition, hygiene and clean water safety. This training gives them the abilities they need to save the lives of children and adults. It gives them money to help support their families and last but not least, this training and a job gives them respect, something that is in short supply for these people.

There are three levels of sponsorship that can fit any budget. Even the smallest donation will help put a person to work. We will send you a picture of the person you are sponsoring and you will have the ability to send and receive messages and letters.







Ultimate Mission is Making a Difference in People’s Lives
group of Indian women that were students

Please become the employer of a full time medical missionary today!

Number of People to Sponsor Monthly

  • Sponsor 1 Week

    Pays for a woman to work for a solid week.

    per month
  • Sponsor 1 Month

    Pays for a woman to work for a month.

    per month
  • Sponsor 1 Month Plus

    Pays for a woman to work for a month plus medical equipment, added training, and travel expenses.

    per month
  • Nurse Trainer

    Pays for a nurse to train people.

    per month
  • Church Mission Group

    Pays for an indigenous church group in the Philippines to do medical missionary work for 1 month.

    per month
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group of Indian women that were students

Provide a Medical Kit to a Missionary

Med Kit $45.00

You can help a person in India or the Philippines to be able to more effectively treat people with medical conditions and show them the love of Christ.

Kit Includes:

Med kit